Did the Egyptians discover America or Christopher Columbus?

In 1995, Dr. Thompson Jeans (in the eighth issue of the American Journal of America) reviewed sites where pharaonic statues and writings were found in Central America. Before him, an archaeologist named Jerzoui, an Egyptian, Original book entitled “Ramses III governs America” ​​!!
But from the beginning, there was an obstacle that objected to this idea. The Pharaohs were not great sailors and they did not know that they had crossed the Upper Nile. The biggest problem was that the Pharaonic boats were manufactured from papyrus, a paper that dissolves in water !!
But there is a Norwegian adventurer named Tor Haerdal was convinced that the Egyptians built the pyramids of Mexico and that they crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the back of the papyrus .. To prove the validity of his hypothesis made a bold and dangerous decision .. A decision to cross the Atlantic on a boat of the same kind !!!

To implement this project, Torhaird studied dozens of pharaonic drawings showing papyrus boats, their sizes and the way they were made. His careful observation revealed that the royal boats were painted with water so that they would not dissolve in water. In April 1961 he built a 15 meter boat with pure Pharaonic specifications called the god The boat was taken to Marrakesh in Morocco and from there he decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean to America. He was accompanied by a strange group of seven Norwegian, American, Chadian, Mexican, Italian, Russian and Egyptian engineer George Cyril.
After the first day, it became clear that the boat would break when the wave was upset and the wind became angry. Twenty-five days later, it completely turned over and lost most of the supplies and food. Although the boat was saturated with water, it was half the distance to America. Before arriving at the beach, The seven friends have blown a rubber boat and arrived safely !!
After the failure of this attempt, Tor Haideral decided to build a new boat called “Ra 2” .. And began his journey the following year with the same group except Abdullah Chadian, replaced by a Japanese named Kama Ohara .. This time Torhaird benefited from the previous experience and built a larger compound And used the means of navigation advanced .. Although the boat eventually turned into a “haystack”, but it arrived in any case to America after 57 days .. This trip has captured the attention of the media and proved that the arrival of the Pharaohs to America is logical and reasonable !!

Historical evidence


One of the most famous Pharaonic expeditions is the voyage to Puntland on the east coast of Africa during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut of the Eighteenth Dynasty and the flight of the African continent during the reign of Pharaoh Nikho II of the 26th Dynasty, mentioned by the famous Greek historian Herodotus, Phoenicians to send their fleet from the Red Sea, continue to sail along the African coast until reaching the columns of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar), and transit to return to the mouth of the Nile in the Mediterranean Sea.
Herodotus quoted the sailors as observing the phenomenon of sunrise on their left from the beginning of the journey until they arrived at a certain place, after which they found the sun rising to their right, which is evidence of the passing of the point of the Cape of Good Hope and their rotation around the continent of Africa.
From this journey, there are those who believe that some ships may be derailed as they sail in the Atlantic Ocean to the nearest coast to Brazil and from there north to the Gulf of Mexico. This is based on the link between the ancient Egyptian civilization and the construction of pyramids in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations Central America.

Pyramids in Mexico

There are common legends between the Pharaohs, the Indians of Mexico and Peru! To this day, the Peruvian Indians place a statue of the “sun goddess” at the top of their boats, as the Pharaohs do. In addition, there are paintings of papyrus in Peru that show papyrus boats led by sailors dressed in pharaohs’ clothes.

But is there a link between Pharaonic pyramids and pyramids built by Mayan and Aztec civilizations in many Central American locations?
These civilizations have flourished in astronomy and engineering – such as the pharaohs – and have worked in the construction of these pyramidal structures for religious purposes, such as performing rituals and offering offerings to the gods. Pharaonic pyramids are associated with the pharaoh’s journey after his death to the other world.
One researcher claimed that traces of tobacco and cocaine were found in some Egyptian mummies. It is known that these plants were growing only in the Americas then, how did you get to Egypt? Was it a souvenir with a mission that returned from there or were there commercial flights across the ocean?

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